Пигмент червено 254-Коримакс червено 2030Н

Списък с параметри на продукта

Цветен индекс No.Пигмент червено 254
Име на продуктаCorimax Red 2030H
Категория на продуктаОрганичен пигмент
CAS номер84632-65-5
Номер на ЕС402-400-4
Химическо семействопирол
Молекулно тегло357.19
Молекулярна формулаC18H10CI2N2O2
PH стойност7
Абсорбция на масло (ml / 100 g)%40
Лека скорост (покритие)7
Топлоустойчивост (покритие)200
Лека скорост (пластмаса)7
Топлоустойчивост (пластмаса)280
Маслена устойчивост5
Киселинна устойчивост5
Алкална устойчивост5
Разпределение на оттенъка


Corimax Red 2030H is a high performance pigment, middle opacity, with outstanding fastness properties. It is recommended for all application.


Препоръчва се за автомобилни бои, архитектурни покрития, намотки, промишлени бои, прахови покрития, печатни пасти, PVC, гума, PS, PP, PE, PU, офсетни мастила, мастила на водна основа, мастила на разтворители, UV мастила.

MSDS(Pigment Red 254)

Пигмент червено 254 is neutral red, has excellent solvent resistance, and has a light fastness of 8 grades. It is mainly used in automobile primer. Its flocculation can be improved by adding additives. In order to reduce costs, it can be mixed with CI Пигмент червено 170, which has stronger blue light but lower light resistance. Transparent blue light red; also widely used in plastic (PVC, PS, polyolefin, etc.) coloring, in HDPE (1 / 3SD) heat stability of 300 ° C / 5min.

Chemical name: 3,6-bis (4-chlorophenyl) -2,5-dihydro-Pyrrolo [3,4-c] pyrrole-1,4-dione
Molecular formula: C18H10Cl2N2O2
Molecular weight: 357.19
CAS No: 84632-65-5

Молекулярна структура:

Synthetic principle: Sodium metal and a small amount of penetrant OT are added to tert-amyl alcohol. Nitrogen is added, the temperature is increased to 100-150 ° C, and the metal sodium is completely dissolved to prepare sodium tert-amyl alcohol; , Diisopropyl succinate (or diethyl succinate) was slowly added at 110 ° C to stir the reaction, tert-amyl alcohol was distilled off, filtered, washed with water, and dried to obtain a crude product; and then added to a sodium hydroxide solution at 70-80 ° C Stir, filter, and wash with water to obtain the product.